Hey, I'm Alaïa ✨

You probably know me through the content I post daily on social networks that aims to help women feel physically and mentally beautiful.

1 year later...

The second collection

A year and a half ago, I took up the challenge of creating a brand of swimwear without having any impact on the environment, and which remain sexy for the girls who wear them.

After long days of work, SUNAÏA was born.

Sunaïa is a swimwear brand that celebrates women, the body, and kindness. Sunaïa is eco-responsible, and each jersey is created with love in Portugal.

An eco-responsible brand

The fabric we use

The challenge was to find an eco-responsible and caring fabric for our planet, while keeping the best qualities for our collections.

This is why we have chosen a Made in Italy fabric ECONYL, a 100% recycled and recyclable nylon fiber, it is made from plastic waste collected in recycling centers and oceans (fishing nets, bottles, etc.)

By women, for women

Our workshops in Portugal and France

I chose to have Sunaïa parts made in Portugal and France.

Indeed, their workforce is qualified and their production facilities are modern, which allows me to guarantee exceptional quality for the parts.

In addition, these countries have high standards regarding workers' rights and environmental protection, which is in line with Sunaïa's values.

I am proud to have made this choice for Sunaïa and for you!

Our eco-responsible swimwear

Our new collection